Little Champs : Cosmetic products for dogs and cats

You will find in this site, a range of products cosmetic elaborate containing plants, of flowers and essential oils in the pure spirit of the respect of animal and of nature. The originality of the products Little Fields rests on the use of natural extracts of plants. They do not contain mineral oils or products being able to stimulate the appearance of comedones (blackheads). The formulas are tested in laboratory against the allergy and irritations and are the object of a very thorough research as for their performances.


A quality label, a label of service, a warranty of reliability for the wellness of your companion.

  • We have with the departure developed this line of products especially for our own Chinese dogs with peak, not finding on the market anything good adapted for l’ maintenance of their skin. The results were very conclusive.
  • Our products proved to be appropriate to all the types of hairs with regard to the shampoos and baths creams.
  • With this company with human size, you profit from advices and d’ an individual follow-up.